Software to calculate balances for whole products. The key feature of this implementation is a clearl documentation of the

The product life cycle is split into sequential processing steps. Any of this step modules is taken off a database with predifined modules. These predifined modules are correlating some in- and output products. By scaling the predefined modules and accumulating the adapted flows over the whole life cycle plan a total sum of product and input amounts is calculated.

As a last part these resulting factors will be weighted and a balancing sum is calculated. 


This is a database storing the measurement data of a machine measuring railway wheelsets.

Software under Windows NT/2000/XP using a database MS-SQL server 2000. 

Measurement data receiver

The application works as a standard receiver of data via a serial line. Thie received data will be analysed and stored in a database. The installation of additional customer specific modules for the data management is possible.

The key feture is the use of an expandable data protocol. This protocol enables both sides (sending machine as well as receiving computer) to transfer new kinds of data without change of the software. Any send data is tagged, so the receiver can store the data together with their identification in the database. By adding new entries in the metatables the software is able to interpret this new data correctly.

This application is running under Windows NT/2000.


We cooperate for some years with manufacturers of CNC controlled machines. In this field we are programming the CNC-controllers as well as writing programs in C for the Siemens MMC computer. 

The CNC programming of the 840C is done in Step5

The MMC enables the manufacturer to customize the generic controller to the actual needs. Here are implemented sophisticated machining strategies in a complex combined measuring and machining system. The system is used for maintenance.

In a first step the the object is measured and the wear is calculated. The MMC software then calculates the optimal machining strategy to minimize cost, time and material effort. If the operator agrees with the machines decision the machining is done.

OS-9 real time

Office software

For some time we are involved in upgrading e-mail client software. The goals are security and flexibility.

Core of the security features is the paradigm that 'the system has to learn from the user and not the user has to teach the system'. This results in first that no special learning mode exists, that the software continually ??? the users actions and improves its own response. So e.g. if the user continually discards messages unread, the system incorporates the pattern of these messages as unwanted or 'spam' messages and filters the corresponding messages. It does not shepherd the user, so even if the system thinks of a messages as 100% unwanted, it does not delete the message without the users command.